Perforated Metal Fabrication

We offer perforated metal sheets with a wide range of holes in various thicknesses, shapes, sizes and patterns
MR LTD accepts orders for the fabrication of perforated metal. We offer dozens of different perforation options. The work is performed on the TRUMPF coordinate punching press machine. Contact us today and we will help you bring any of your ideas and projects to life!

Metal Perforation

Perforated metal sheets at our company are made by punching holes on a coordinate punching press. In the arsenal of our tools, you can find many round, square and slotted punches with a wide range of sizes, calibers and hole types. It allows us to offer our customers a wide range of perforated sheet metal. We have a large library of different perforation patterns that can be used in the most diverse architectural solutions.

Our Machines

The TRUMPF coordinate punching press is one of the best punching machines. Its wide range of applications makes it indispensable in modern metalworking. Using it, you can obtain holes of the desired size and shape. Each pattern has its own advantages and applications. Coordinate metal stamping is performed at high speed, with holes being punched in a fraction of a second. The machine allows rapid production of high-quality perforated metal with minimum energy consumption.



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