Custom Metal Fabrication

We fabricate from most metals: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.
MR LTD is a metalworking company offering specialized services in manufacturing metal products according to customers' samples or drawings. If you need to create a prototype of a metal product, we have an experienced team of designers who will help you with designing. We have vast experience in turnkey tasks, from concept to mass production. Modern equipment allows us to obtain the product of a perfect form and dimensions strictly corresponding to the drawing.

Our capabilities

Today MR LTD is one of the leading experts in the complex metalworking of Kyiv. Since we established our company in 2005, we have fabricated over 1000 product items from steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, bronze and stainless steel. Our accumulated experience allows us to take on even the most complex projects. The company is constantly investing in the future by expanding its equipment fleet with the latest CNC machines. All stages of production take place at our company without the involvement of third parties. We have gathered under our roof a team of specialists from various backgrounds with the skills necessary to accomplish any task.
We specialize in the fabrication of metal products according to samples or customer drawings. All the work is performed by using our own equipment. By ordering products from us, you will not overpay intermediaries. Place an order for metal products already today. Get in touch with our manager by phone or email. We guarantee you fast and professional advice on all issues!



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