CNC Turning Services

We produce both simple and complex turned parts for a wide range of industries
Metal products are used in various branches of industry such as construction, engineering and agriculture. MR LTD offers services for metalworking and fabrication of metal products on a turnkey basis. The catalog of our services also includes turning operations. State-of-the-art CNC equipment and a well-coordinated team of professionals make it possible to fulfill orders of any complexity. We care about our customers, so we offer exceptionally high-quality services for turning in Kyiv.


It is the process of machining cylindrical workpieces using special machines and additional tools for cutting the workpiece, the cutters. While milling is performed by rotating the cutting tool, turning requires the rotation of the workpiece itself. The principal advantage of machining parts on a lathe is the ability to conduct many types of operations on a single machine. The CNC lathe ensures high precision of the production process and eliminates the human factor. Our multitasking CNC machines are suitable for both rapid prototyping and mass production.
Our company has been professionally engaged in the fabrication of metal products for over 17 years. We are not scared of complex orders. We often take on work that other companies have refused to do. We machine steel, aluminum, stainless steel and others. Our company's team are qualified specialists, allowing us to provide consistently high-quality results. Contact us today to receive high-quality turning services for your metalworking needs.



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